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Suicide in the Construction Industry: What You Need to Know

The workplace is a critical place for changing how our country addresses mental health. This is particularly true in the construction industry, which ranks first in the number of suicide deaths and second in the suicide rate, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Working through the Construction Industry Alliance … READ MORE

FASA Publishes New Edition of Prompt Payment in the 50 States

Many state legislatures have recognized the importance of prompt payment as public policy and interjected their notions of fairness into the traditional private contractual relationship through the enactment of state prompt pay laws. These statutes have attempted to level the playing field in the construction industry by imposing significant monetary disincentives, such as interest and … READ MORE

New Technologies to Track Assets That Impact Cash Flow (Webinar)

While many subcontractors and suppliers utilize accounting software, few realize the magnitude of change on the horizon. From building information modeling to potential payment via Bitcoin on the blockchain, the future is coming fast! In the June 12 ASA webinar, “Digital Cash Flow in Construction,” presenter James L. Salmon, Esq., Benjamin, Yocum & Heather, LLC, … READ MORE

Contract Changes and Claims: Directed Changes

Directed changes are acknowledged by the owner or the prime contractor issuing them to cause a change in the subcontractor’s time or cost of performance. Generally, they arise out of some form of notice of change, change directive or other formal written communication directing a change in the scope of subcontract work. Once such a … READ MORE

Guideline Helps Clarify Payment Obligations for Advance Purchases

The benefits of purchasing project materials and equipment in advance are well-known, and volatility in materials prices may make them even more attractive. Advance purchasing not only ensures that needed materials and equipment are available for a project, but also protects against escalating prices and possible future shortages. As owners increase their demands for advance … READ MORE

Change Orders Webinar, Tuesday, May 8

Learn best practices regarding the all-too-common change order “dance,” how to come out a winner and even make a profit in “Change Orders.” Presenter Joe L. Katz, Esq., Huddles Jones Sorteberg & Dachille, P.C., will share legal secrets that general contractors don’t want you to know. Event Details

ASA and AGC Officers Discuss Top Industry and Public Policy Issues

During an April 6 meeting in New York City, national officers of the Associated General Contractors of America and ASA discussed top industry and public policy issues, including workforce shortages, price volatility in construction materials, prefabrication in construction, design delegation, and how the two groups can collaborate to increase the use of ConsensusDocs in the … READ MORE

ASA Model Documents Can Help Subs Deal with Price Volatility

With the uncertainty of materials prices roiling the construction industry, subcontractors need to take steps to protect their companies. The cost of construction materials already is outpacing inflation, rising 3.8 percent between January 2017 and January 2018. The Trump Administration’s tariffs on steel, aluminum and other construction materials also add to the volatility. Documents included … READ MORE


Mark your calendar for the premier education and networking event for construction subcontractors and suppliers – SUBExcel 2019. The event will take place Mar. 6-9, 2019 in Nashville, TN. Details will be announced in the coming months.

ASA Introduces Statutory Bond Checklist for Subcontractor Advocates

On virtually all public construction in the United States, the principal form of payment protection for those supplying labor and materials arises under the public work bonds statutes, commonly known as “Little Miller Acts.” The common description belies the fact that there may be significant differences among the bonding statutes in the different states. (See … READ MORE