GC Testimonials

ASA-Houston Chapter takes pride in working with, and for, the people who serve the construction industry each day. Take a look at a different kind of construction quotes — the things our members have to say.

“We have determined that subcontractors and suppliers who network and share best practices within a professional association tend to exhibit superior performance on our projects. One of the industry benefits ASA provides is a great venue for information and best practices exchange. For that and other valid reasons, we find more comfort and realize greater success working with ASA member firms.”
— Brookstone

“Thank you to our ASA members for such exceptional products and services. It is undeniable that the assistance of ASA members has helped O’Donnell Snider Construction to continue to not only meet but exceed client goals and expectations. We are committed to growing our relationships with ASA and their members, and look forward to this in the new year.”
— O’Donnell Snider Construction

“Vaughn started out working as a concrete subcontractor and building small projects as a general contractor. Our work as a trade contractor shaped our core values and our feelings on how to properly run (and not run) a project. We are proud to be a true builder and employ a large workforce of skilled craft workers. We very much appreciate all of the ASA members who have helped us grow and be successful. Our industry is facing tremendous workforce, regulatory and economic challenges which we can only overcome collectively — by successful collaboration between our trade organizations.”
— Vaughn Construction

“E.E. Reed Construction has continually built its history on the foundation of family. For the past 38 years, E.E. Reed has developed quality relationships with top-notch subcontractors and considers many of them extended family members. We are proud that many of those companies are members of the ASA-HC, proving their dedication to quality, safety and ethics in construction. It is through professional organizations that our industry continues to improve by combining education and innovation with cutting edge technology and training.”
— E.E. Reed Construction

“Arch-Con is pleased to have relationships with 50% of ASA-HC’s current members and we value the expertise and ethics they put forth on every project we execute together for our clients.”
— Arch-Con Corporation

“At Hoar, we value our relationships with our trade partners and vendors, and we are grateful for the role ASA-HC plays in helping us establish, maintain and grow those relationships. We look forward to extending our highly successful collaboration with ASA-HC and its member firms.”
— Hoar Construction

“Skanska is proud to be a part of the Houston market. We value the relationships we have fostered with our subcontractor partners and we look forward to developing new relationships over the next year as we become more involved with the ASA.”
— Skanska

“Manhattan is an active participant in the American Subcontractors Association, and we are proud to be the first ‘Featured Partner’ in ASA-Houston Chapter’s eNewsletter. Thank you for your continued confidence in us!”
— Manhattan Construction

“The mission and culture of the Houston subcontractors that make up the membership of ASA-HC set the standards for our industry. If we all strive each day to achieve this mission, we are sure to have a prosperous outcome. Austin Commercial Houston Division’s goal over the coming years is to do everything we can to support the ASA. After all, every project requires 40 or more Houston subcontractors working together as a cohesive team assisting a general contractor to a successful building.”
— Austin Commercial

“In our 25-year history of work in the Houston area, we are proud to say that the quality and depth of subcontractors within the Houston market is one of the best in the country! We have a long and successful relationship with many ASA-HC members, and we are proud to be aligned with the ASA-HC. We look forward to becoming more involved and look forward to many more success stories.”
— Hensel Phelps

“Structure Tone Southwest is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Houston this year. As we look back, and as we look ahead, one thing stands out as absolutely critical to our success … our subcontractor partners. The depth and quality of the subcontracting community in Houston is second to none. We honor and value the relationships we have built over the past 25 years, collaboratively achieving some great successes. ASA-HC is a vital part of that circle. We salute your work on behalf of the subcontracting community and are proud to be part of your alliance.”
— Structure Tone Southwest

“ASA-HC is instrumental in helping Morganti align with the ‘best of the best.’ ASA-HC enhances our ongoing subcontractor outreach initiatives, which is particularly significant to us at this time, when Morganti is experiencing a period of rapid expansion. We are pleased to develop close working relationships with our trades and vendors, many of whom are ASA-HC members, and we look forward to getting to know even more ASA-HC member firms.”
— Morganti