Member Testimonials

Members speak out on the impact ASA has on their businesses and practices.

“Marek has been an ASA-Houston Chapter member since its inception in 1974, as a founding member. Having grown now to over 1,200 employees, we think of ASA as the ONLY organization whose SOLE focus is the specialty contractor and their partner supplier and professional firms. ASA standards, business practices, education and legislative advocacy are a perfect fit for the Marek philosophy … the perfect business partner.”
— Mike Holland, Chief Operating Officer, MAREK
Company member since 1974; 1,200 employees

“To help promote my company as well as educate myself in our industry through networking and information sharing.”
— Angela Terrell, Project Manager J.M. Maly, Inc.
Company member since 2000; 35 employees

“ASA provides a unified front for a diverse membership that is committed to safety, quality and ethics in the construction industry. There is also a unified legislative front from subcontractors that have a stronger voice than one. ASA provides many educational opportunities for Chamberlin folks to grow.”
— John Kafka, President & CEO, Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing
Company member since 1989; 700 employees

“Being a small commercial drywall subcontractor in the fourth-largest city is a challenge, to say the least. By being a member of ASA-Houston Chapter, I am able to keep up with the ever-changing legislative laws, benefit from small peer-to-peer group meetings to discuss everyday business aspects that affect our business and our employees, network with a large group of diverse subcontractors who work on small to very large-scale projects and to have their knowledge to call upon when needed. With an office staff of one (me) and two others who estimate, sell and run the field, it is a challenge to stay informed. Being able to attend monthly luncheon meetings helps to drive home the fact that there are others in the same boat, whether they are a company of 10 employees or a company of 200.”
— Carol Pitman, Pitman Construction
Company member since 2004; 13 employees

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