Free Webinar Sept. 10- Preserving, Preparing, and Presenting Construction Claims

Almost every contractor hopes a project will proceed without the need to file a claim; the reality often proves otherwise. Claims come in all kinds of forms – delay, extra work, acceleration, inefficiency – but essentially involve recovering any type of entitled cost or time impact. When circumstances demand filing a claim, the process may seem daunting or overwhelming. But, it shouldn’t discourage filing, especially when you follow a few key mantras: preservation, preparation, and presentation.

In this seminar, Michael Metz-Topodas will demystify the construction claims process and provide attendees with strategies to preserve, prepare, and present claims. Attendees will learn skills and best practices to ensure they are not waiving their rights, that they are creating the documentation necessary to support their claims, and that they are presenting claims in a way that maximizes their chances for success.