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Free Nov. 13 ASA Webinar Examines Ways to Improve Communications Between GCs and Subs

In the Nov. 13 ASA webinar, “The Soft Side of Scheduling: Improving Communications Between GCs and Subcontractors,” presenter Steve Groth, vice president, director of operations, Chiaramonte Construction, Washington, D.C., will examine ways to improve project management communication between GCs and subcontractors specifically as it relates to the project schedule from development to finalization and use … READ MORE

Foundation of ASA Updates Lien & Bond Claims in the 50 States for 2019

Construction subcontractors and suppliers rely on mechanic’s lien and payment bonds to assure their payment. To help you learn your lien and bond rights in the states in which your company does business, the Foundation of ASA has updated its Lien & Bond Claims in the 50 States, a digital manual which outlines the lien … READ MORE

Applications for ASA’s National Construction Best Practices Award Are Due Nov. 2, 2018

The deadline for applications for ASA’s National Construction Best Practices Award is Nov. 2, 2018. The best practices award recognizes prime contractors that exemplify the values of subcontractors, treat subcontractors fairly through use of level-playing-field contract terms, and consider subcontractors part of their core project teams. ASA encourages you to invite your best prime contractors … READ MORE

ASA White Paper Helps Subs Master Negotiations on Surety Bond Requirements

Surety bonds are required on practically all public and on some private projects. The terms of bonds vary dramatically. ASA’s white paper Mastering Negotiations on Surety Bond Requirements provides ASA members with background and negotiating tips whether they’re providing the surety bond or seeking payment protection under the prime contractor’s payment bond. The ASA white … READ MORE

Free Dec. 11 ASA Webinar Examines How to Improve the Change Order Process

In the Dec. 11 ASA webinar, “Improving the Change Order Process,” presenter Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan, will explain how to reduce the number of changes by doing better design and coordination and setting expectations early. Churchey will also discuss how to limit open-ended flow down, how to prepare “approvable” change order proposals, and how … READ MORE

ASA White Paper Helps Subcontractors Master Payment for Stored Materials

Construction subcontractors that purchase and store materials in advance for their portion of a project face a special set of payment concerns. The ASA white paper Mastering Payment for Stored Materials reviews these risks, discusses industry practices, and recommends steps a subcontractor can take to protect itself. For example, if bid documents don’t address payment … READ MORE

Gathering Information About Your Prospective Clients

According to ASA’s The Prime Contractor Factor, the primary ingredient in a customer evaluation program is information. Naturally, you will have a clearer idea of the answers to your questions for customers that you have previously worked for, since you have first-hand experience of their business practices. You may even schedule interviews with prospective customers … READ MORE

Applications for ASA’s Certificate of Excellence in Ethics Due Dec. 7, 2018

The deadline to submit your application for ASA’s Certificate of Excellence in Ethics is Dec. 7, 2018. The ethics certificate is not an awards competition, but rather a program recognizing subcontractors for their commitment to ASA values like quality construction and a safe and healthy work environment. Details, resources, and the application are located under … READ MORE

ASA Helps Subcontractors Master Final Payment

In ASA’s most recent member needs assessment, respondents reported that obtaining final payment remains their most serious problem. Certainly, the time between substantial completion of the project, when the owner occupies the project, and final completion, is rife with uncertainty for prime contractors and their subcontractors. The risks of delay or non-receipt of final payment … READ MORE

ASA Files Amicus Brief in Texas Court Case Regarding Transportation of Employees

ASA Files Amicus Brief in Texas Court Case of Importance for Employers Related to Transportation of Employees to/from Workplace In a “friend-of-the-court” brief filed on July 31, ASA asks the Supreme Court of Texas to reconsider its underlying decision in a case of importance for all employers who pay employees whose normal duties do not … READ MORE