Upcoming ASA Webinar: How to Meet Workforce Needs

Join us on August 11th, 2021 at 1pm Eastern for the upcoming complimentary webinar, “How to Meet Workforce Needs”, presented by Patty Bird, NCCER Workforce Development Senior Manager 

What does the construction industry look like moving forward? If the industry wants to grow to meet the everchanging infrastructure and growing population demands, we need to find ways to recruit and train new craft professionals. This presentation will show where the industry is headed and provide ideas to grow the number of craft professionals to meet the current and upcoming demands. Please join us to learn how your company can grow the workforce. 

Patty Bird is the Workforce Development Sr. Manager at NCCER. Her role includes assisting organizations implement training and workforce development programs.  During her tenure at NCCER, Patty has worked as an accounts payable/receivable coordinator, administrative assistant, project manager and Sr. Manager of Projects. Patty has a bachelor’s degree in English with both a literature and writing emphasis from Northern State University.