Three-Year Strategic Planning Session Sets Goals and Direction for ASA-HC

Earlier this summer, the ASA-HC Board of Directors gathered for a two-day strategic planning, board orientation, and team building session. The outcome of that meeting was a three-year set of goals that will assist the organization on its continued path of success.

Three-Year Goals

1.GC Collaboration/Outreach
ASA-HC will establish an initiative to foster additional collaboration between ASA-HC subcontractors and the Houston area general contracting community. The initiative is intended to: create a forum for open dialog between the GC and subcontractor communities; increase awareness of ASA-HC and its members within the GC community; and work collectively to build safety and additional education to meet the changing needs of the industry.

2. Member Retention, Recruitment and Participation
ASA-HC set a goal of a 95% retention rate for each of the next three years, recruitment of members in new areas, and increased participation of current members.

3. Social Media Impact
Increasing the number of “followers” the chapter has on each of its social media platforms, as well as ensuring the content created for and shared on the platforms is beneficial to ASA-HC members, and the construction industry as a whole.

4. University Student Chapters
Currently ASA-HC has a student chapter at Texas A&M. The goal for the next three years is to increase the participation and support the chapter and its members give to the student chapter and to explore starting a student chapter at the University of Houston.

5. Field Employee Education
In 2016, the chapter launched a series of education programs offered in English and Spanish geared toward employees in the field. Topics included personal finance classes, how to deal with difficult people/situations, and time management. The goal for the next three years is to get these and additional classes on a standardized schedule.