The 2017 Texas Legislative Regular Session Ended in May, but Legislators Return this Month

The 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature adjourned on May 29. On June 6, Gov. Greg Abbott announced a special session would convene July 18 to address additional items.

Throughout the 140-day regular session, legislators filed 6,631 House and Senate bills, eclipsing the 6,267 bills filed during 2015’s 84th Regular Session. The total number of bills passed and sent to the Governor was 1,211 this year, compared to 1,323 in 2015.

The Legislature will address 20 items when it convenes in July, including:

  • Sunset legislation
  • Property tax reform
  • Caps on state and local spending
  • Preventing local governments from changing rules mid-way through construction projects
  • Speeding up local government permitting processes
  • Municipal annexation reform
  • Texting while driving

The special session is limited to 30 days and can only address the items included in the Governor’s proclamation calling for the session.

Gain a Firmer Understanding of the 85th Regular Session