Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding & Negotiating the Subcontract

Is there anything scarier than not understanding your contracts and what you are signing?  Attorney, and best-selling Author, Karalynn Cromeens, will teach you what you need to be aware of in your contracts. You will find examples of what different clauses look like, how to negotiate those clauses and your contracts, and what you can eliminate from those clauses to protect yourself and your business. She will educate you on the dangers of termination for convenience as well as certain payment terms. Karalynn will also do a little story telling on horror stories from contractors’ past and deep dive into everything that is expected of you to provide an OSHA-approved work environment for your employees. Your business depends on your knowledge of these important topics and how to be preventive and protect yourself against the dangers of signing a contract that you don’t fully understand and having the correct terms in place to protect your business.

This program will cover contract documents in regards to:

  • Bid & Scope
  • Change Orders
  • Payment Terms
  • Defaults & Termination
  • When Uncontrollable Things Happen
  • Rising Cost of Material Prices
  • Vaccine Mandates from the Government + OSHA Guidelines

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