Pat Kiley Embarks on New Venture, Kiley Literary Legacies

On May 15, FMI Corporation’s Pat Kiley left the firm to shift primary focus to what he called his “super senior season.” Pat has been a member of ASA-HC since 2005, and part of the construction industry family for numerous years prior to that. We wish him continued success with his new endeavor, Kiley Literary Legacies.

“It has been a privilege to be part of that fine firm (FMI) since they acquired Kiley Advisors in December 2016,” Pat said in his announcement. “The members of their team are all blue-chip individuals with solid values and enormous talents. I am always happy to recommend them and fly their flag.”

Pat went on to describe his up-and-coming work with Kiley Literary Legacies.

“My avocation becomes my primary work. Moving forward, I get to focus on writing and speaking. I’ve had the honor to write the stories of five companies and am currently working on the history of the commercial construction industry in Houston, 1900-2020. The focus will be on the people and the companies they founded. There is a tremendous lesson for us today in their early struggles, their ultimate success and their depth of character. I will be reaching out to many of you for information. This project is privileged duty.

I will continue to seek opportunities to write the history of individual construction companies, which are largely biographical, capturing both historical milestones and the values of the people who built them. In addition, I will continue to write tribute articles and blogs about industry leaders and historical heroes, as well as pieces on the market outlook and critical issues. I hope to speak on the market outlook and major issues and to younger groups about the character-foundation of the Houston construction Industry. My daughter Madeline, a creative writing graduate, will work with me.”