Low Income Residents in Houston May Qualify for FREE Home Insulation

ASA Member, Building Specialties, Inc., has been approved by Center Point Energy in Houston, TX to insulate the attics and walls of low-income homeowners and home occupants and senior citizens at ZERO cost to the homeowner/occupant to help them reduce their energy bills.

Briefly, the way the program works is the applicant completes a form and if approved they get their house insulated for free in which CenterPoint pays my company Building Specialties, Inc. to insulate the house. The CenterPoint Energy Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program (HTR) was developed to provide incentives to achieve cost-effective reduction in peak demand on the electric grid for consumers with an annual household income at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

To qualify for free insulation of your house the income should be less than:

$27,188 for a family of 1
$36,620 for a family of 2
$46,060 for a family of 3
$55,500 for a family of 4
$64,970 for a family of 5
$74,380 for a family of 6

This is an opportunity for low-income homeowners and senior citizens to receive free attic and walls insulation!

If you know of any low-income families and or senior citizens in the Houston area who may qualify for free home insulation, please reach out to John Juzswick via email (john@buildingspecialties.com) or cell (281-733-3060) to help identify eligible participants for the program.