Learn How to Prepare and Protect Your Company Using Risk Analytics in CFMA’s Sept. 13 Webinar

Reputation risk is the sum of all the risk your organization has exposure to, with the added bonus of public exposure risk. In an age of social media and investigative journalism, reputation and corruption risk should be on your radar whether you’re a C-level executive or a manager tasked with running a specific program. Although it’s usually managed through marketing and public relations, determining an effective way to monitor this risk is a challenge to most organizations. The Construction Financial Management Association will host a 60-minute webinar, “Analytics for Reputation and Corruption Risk,” from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time on Sept. 13. Normally $65.95 for non-CFMA members, the webinar is being offered to ASA members at a 40 percent discount, or $39.57. Presenter Jeremy Clopton, CPA, director, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Forensics, BKD, LLP, will explain how to identify available data sources for reputation and corruption risk, merge qualitative analytics to achieve a holistic view of risk factors, and apply risk analytics to monitor reputation and corruption risk in your organization. Owners, CEOs, COOs, controllers, project managers, Human Resource directors, and risk management personnel are invited to participate. To register for the webinar, log-in or create an account at CFMA’s Education Online Web site.