General Lunch Meeting: Prequalification Technology Built for and by Subcontractors

About the Presentation: As we operate during uncertain times, subcontractor risk management has been instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the construction supply chain. Over the next few months, the majority of the market will be requested to renew their prequalification as 2021 financial statements become available, known as The Great Expiry.

Join us for lunch on April 21 to learn about COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics, a leading prequalification platform that supports data collection, verification and analytics across the entire construction supply chain. Our presenter will cover topics such as:

1. Trends in Risk Management and the rise of data requests
2. Issues and Challenges Subcontractors are facing during Prequalification
3. The Great Expiry
4. Subcontractor-Led Prequalification
5. What can you do now

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