ASA Publishes Compilation of Updated Subcontractor Negotiating Tips

ASA has updated its popular subcontract negotiating tip sheets and compiled them into a new manual available to ASA members for free on the ASA Web site. Subcontractor Negotiating Tips: A Compilation updates the references for each tip to reflect the construction industry’s standard documents published in 2017, including the ASA Subcontract Documents Suite, ConsensusDocs and the American Institute of Architects. “Onerous subcontract clauses, which require subcontractors to assume inequitable and uncontrollable risks, will directly and negatively impact the working relationships to the detriment of the project itself,” said ASA Chief Advocacy Officer E. Colette Nelson. “Each of the one-page negotiating tips in this new compilation is designed to provide a subcontractor with the information it needs to negotiate a particular subcontract clause.” Each tip includes ASA-recommended language, samples of what a subcontractor may see in a client’s proprietary subcontract, an explanation of the impact of poor language on a subcontractor, responses a subcontractor may make to its prospective customer during negotiations, and sources for more information.