ASA Joins TCA for a Walk on the Capitol


Are any of these issues of interest to you?

  • Securing reserved funds and retainage.
  • Requiring the disclosure of documents incorporated by reference into your contract.
  • Addressing unfair contract clauses such as force work and cross-default.
  • Mandating bonds on private projects on publicly-owned lands.
  • Prohibiting local employment ordinances such as mandatory paid time off.

If so, spend the day in Austin with fellow TCA members to kick off the construction industry’s legislative campaign. Your voice needs to be heard!

Member participation is vital to the success of the TCA legislative agenda.

The Walk on the Capitol on January 31 – February 1, 2023 includes the TCA PAC Roundup Legislative Reception. All TCA PAC members are invited to meet, mingle and enjoy drinks and dinner with elected officials and their staff.

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