ASA Introduces Statutory Bond Checklist for Subcontractor Advocates

On virtually all public construction in the United States, the principal form of payment protection for those supplying labor and materials arises under the public work bonds statutes, commonly known as “Little Miller Acts.” The common description belies the fact that there may be significant differences among the bonding statutes in the different states. (See the Foundation of ASA’s Lien and Bond Claims in the 50 States for a review of state laws.) The new checklist provides a comprehensive review of the most critical aspects for consideration in assessing whether and to what degree a particular state’s statute effectively serves the interest of subcontractors. The answers to the questions can provide the outline of a bill to reform a state’s Little Miller Act. Strengthening Subcontractor Rights Under Statutory Payment Bonds: A Checklist for Subcontractors Advocates is available under “Insurance and Risk Management” in the members-only area of the ASA Web site.