ASA Helps Subcontractors Master Final Payment

In ASA’s most recent member needs assessment, respondents reported that obtaining final payment remains their most serious problem. Certainly, the time between substantial completion of the project, when the owner occupies the project, and final completion, is rife with uncertainty for prime contractors and their subcontractors. The risks of delay or non-receipt of final payment extend well beyond the ordinary credit risks associated with progress payments. A subcontractor should give serious consideration before a project is even bid, to the risk that disputes, whether meritorious or contrived, will severely impact or even prevent the receipt of final payment after substantial completion. ASA’s white paper, Mastering Final Payment, provides subcontractors with steps they can take to assure their receipt of final payment. The white paper also provides an analysis of the problem, and reviews industry policies and practices. The white paper is available under “Contracts and Project Management” in the Member Resources section of the ASA Web site.