ASA-HC Member Kids Safety Video with COVID-19 Protection Tips

ASA-HC’s Safety committee is working on a short video with kids talking about safety practices for COVID-19:  “Kids of ASA-HC members know what their parents do at work to keep their family safe at home.” This is especially timely since Texas is slowly opening back up and precautions will be as important as ever.

How To Participate:

  1. Record a 20-30 second video on your phone (preferably in landscape) with your child talking about one of the topics below, or another safety precaution you take at work that your child can talk about.
  2. Feel free to:
    1. be in the video with your child,
    2. coach your child if needed,
    3. put company logo’d hart hat, safety vest, etc. in the video.
  3. Send your video clip to along with a statement allowing us to use the video on social media and our website. Individual videos will be stitched together for one 3-minute video.


  1. Parent wears a mask at work to keep their family safe.
  2. Hand washing techniques their parents do at work and what they’ve taught them at home. (E.g. – My mommy washes her hands a lot at work. She sings the happy birthday song twice – while showing how she rubs her hands together).
  3. Parent stays six feet away from others at work.
  4. Parent takes clothes off in the garage and puts them directly in the washing machine after coming home from work.
  5. Parent won’t hug them when they come home until they (the parent) has washed their hands or taken a shower.