ASA and CIPC Educate House Small Business Committee Staffers on Construction Issues

On March 28, the House Small Business Committee (HBSC) in conjunction with the Construction Industry Procurement Coalition (CIPC) hosted a Congressional Briefing, “What Every Congressional Staffer Should Know about the Construction Industry.” The briefing was an educational opportunity for HBSC staff to learn more about the basics of federal contracting focusing on the construction industry. ASA is a CIPC member and helped organize the briefing, along with presenting at it. The briefing attempted to understand HBSC’s Committee staffer questions on:

  • How do I find out about contract opportunities?
  • What is SAM?
  • How do the set-asides work?
  • What is the difference between subcontractors and primes?
  • How does bonding work?
  • What is the FAR?

Access the CIPC’s Congressional Staff FAQ memo, called “CIPC FAQs,” in the ASA Info Hub under Resources by choosing “Show only … Contracts & Project Management” to garner a better understanding of what was addressed in the briefing.