Apply Today for ASA Awards

Applications are now being accepted for many of the awards offered by ASA.  

The ASA Certificate of Excellence in Ethics recognizes subcontractors for their commitment to ASA values, such quality construction and a safe and healthy work environment. Each applicant is required to respond to questions concerning the firm’s corporate ethics policies and procedures, its construction practices, and its general business practices. Each applicant also is required to submit detailed documentation, including sealed letters of recommendation from a customer, a competitor, and a supplier.

The ASA National Construction Best Practices Awards recognize prime contractors that exemplify the values of subcontractors, treat subcontractors fairly through use of level-playing-field contract terms, and consider subcontractors part of their core project teams. The program’s rigorous criteria include the use of a standard subcontract whose provisions substantially reflect the best practices incorporated into the ASA-endorsed ConsensusDocs 750 Standard Agreement Between Constructor and Subcontractor, as well as highly favorable evaluations from three specialty trade contractors, based on 20 project management factors.

There are many more awards available through ASA, and more information about all of them can be found by clicking here.

All award winners will be recognized during the 2020 SUBExcel conference on March 4-7, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We highly encourage all ASA members to get involved in are awards program. These valuable recognition opportunities are only available to ASA members.