You Made a HUGE Difference

(No Pants Necessary.)

The 2020 ASA-HC No Pants PAC Party was living proof that fundraisers are a lot more fun when they don’t require pants. Thanks to the generosity of ASA-HC members like you, we raised an incredible $50,200 for the TCA PAC!

Thank you to each and every person who threw caution — and pants — by the wayside, and helped support this incredible cause. Your dollars support legislators that GET CONSTRUCTION, so they can make laws that SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION. YOU ARE CONSTRUCTION!


Search the hashtag on social media to see all the great things ASA-HC members did INSTEAD of attending some snoozefest of a fundraiser.


It’s Our Version of the VIP List. Check Out the Awesome Folks Who DIDN’T Attend.

Norman Adams, Adams Insurance Service, Inc., guarantees 100% that there will be no sound issues at the event.

Gary Benson, Baker Concrete Construction, will save a ton of money not getting into a silent auction bidding war for a stag hunt he really wants to win.

Darlene East, Holes Incorporated, ensured that no one will have a bar tab that needs to be explained to their boss or accounting on Monday morning.

Kevin Camarata, Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd, ensured a lame venue was averted.

Mike Holland, MAREK, will not get blamed for hiring a bad DJ.

Phil Nevlud, MAREK, found a cash bar with a better view.

Bud Walters, Pieper Houston Electric, LP, made sure no one had to eat rubber chicken.

Andy Adams, Adams Insurance Service, Inc., avoided awkward table conversation.

Art Canales, Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, avoided having to do the Wobble or Cupid Shuffle. 

Martin Jordana, Baker Concrete Construction, won’t have to endure an awful meal with dry chicken.

Dan Karsten, Karsten Interior Services, LP, will not have to stand in an excruciatingly long valet line at the end of the night.

John Kauffman, Kauffman Company Fire and Life Safety, will be able to get to bed early for a next-day crack of dawn tee time.

Jan Maly, J.M. Maly, Inc, won’t have to suffer through a night of small talk with a table of strangers.

Barbara Roberts, Big City Access, escaped a tense silent auction bidding war for stuff she didn’t even want.

Randy Schleisman, Concrete Cleaning, Inc., gave no business to Al’s Formal Wear.

Bill Sudela, Crady Jewett McCulley & Houren, LLP, planned a weekend getaway instead of filling a table.

Mark Veltri, Network Cabling Services, Inc., will not have to listen to anyone drone on about the Astros, COVID-19 or politics.

Jennifer Whiting, Fast Track Specialties, did not have to buy a new dress.


Cynthia Birdwell, Andrews Myers, did not have to lie to her boss about why she couldn’t attend the event.

John Glaze, Fast Track Specialties, stayed home for a Netflix binge.

Ron LaRicci, Camarata Masonry Systems, did not have to buy a tuxedo.

Tim Reilly, T.E. Reilly, Inc., won’t spend the night before the event searching for his tuxedo tie and cummerbund.

Tyler Althouse, Texas Moisture Protection, will not have to sit in traffic on a Friday night.

Lee Aitken, Holes Incorporated, will avoid awkward selfie angles.

Julie Braun, Adams Insurance Service, Inc., will instead be enjoying a night at Rodeo Houston. 

Lyle Coston, Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, will not be the talk of the party for all the wrong reasons.

Susan Houston, Karsten Interior Services, LP, will not have to spend time or money to get her hair and makeup done before the event.

Elaine Howard, Andrews Myers, P.C., won’t have to spend the weekend before searching at the mall for that “perfect” outfit.

Shannon MacArthur, MEMCO, will not have to spend the evening awkwardly avoiding handshakes and whipping out hand sanitizer every time she touches something.

Shellie Natho, Raven Mechanical, LP, will use the free evening to see what the hype about the new show “Love Is Blind” is all about.

Craig Peterson, Peterson Beckner Industries, will avoid a hangover and Monday walk of shame.

Rod Rodriguez, Laporte CPA’s and Business Advisors, will not spend the evening saying “It’s just allergies!” every time he sneezes or coughs.

Julie Ruby, Fast Track Specialties, LP, will dodge a night of discomfort in new high heels.

Jamie Snook, Fast Track Specialties, can Uber somewhere he actually wants to go.

Autumn Stoner, J.M. Maly, Inc., will not have to pay a babysitter.

Jennifer Swinney, ASA San Antonio Chapter, will not have to feel guilty for leaving her dog home alone for the night.

Jeff Timmerman, Melton & Melton LLP, will enjoy an evening at the Rodeo, watching March Madness, watching his DVR’d first two days of the PGA Tour Players Championship, at home.

Kristin Valdez, J.M. Maly, Inc., won’t have to miss her family’s weekly pizza and ice cream Friday night celebration.

Brianna Wright, ASA-Houston Chapter, will be 100% sure she will not have to self-quarantine after a night out in public.