ASA-HC No Pants PAC Party

February 10 – March 20
Online-Only NON-Event March 20

Pants Are Overrated
(And So Are Boring Fundraisers.)

You know what’s fun? Raising money for a cause. You know what ISN’T? Pants and snooze-worthy shindigs. The American Subcontractors Association-Houston Chapter’s No Pants PAC Party is the best fundraiser you’ll NEVER attend!

There’s no reason to dress up. No need to mark your calendar — or even put on pants. That’s because this event ISN’T HAPPENING. Instead, just donate what you would at a “normal” fundraiser and then get on with your life. In other words, there’s NO REASON not to join us! All proceeds benefit the TCA PAC!

The whole shebang wraps up Friday, March 20, with an online-only NON-event!
That day, use hashtag #NoPantsForPAC on social media to show us what you’re doing instead of attending our party!

Why Take Part?

Your dollars support legislators that GET CONSTRUCTION, so they can make laws that SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION. YOU ARE CONSTRUCTION!