ASA-HC No Pants PAC Party

February 10 – March 20
Online-Only NON-Event March 20

Pants Are Overrated
(And So Are Boring Fundraisers.)

You know what’s fun? Raising money for a cause. You know what ISN’T? Pants and snooze-worthy shindigs. The American Subcontractors Association-Houston Chapter’s No Pants PAC Party is the best fundraiser you’ll NEVER attend!

There’s no reason to dress up. No need to mark your calendar — or even put on pants. That’s because this event ISN’T HAPPENING. Instead, just donate what you would at a “normal” fundraiser and then get on with your life. In other words, there’s NO REASON not to join us! All proceeds benefit the TCA PAC!

The whole shebang wraps up Friday, March 20, with an online-only NON-event!
That day, use hashtag #NoPantsForPAC on social media to show us what you’re doing instead of attending our party!

Why Take Part?

Your dollars support legislators that GET CONSTRUCTION, so they can make laws that SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION. YOU ARE CONSTRUCTION!


See who isn’t coming!

Darlene East, Holes Incorporated, bought drinks for everyone NOT ATTENDING.

Mike Holland, MAREK, will not get blamed for hiring a bad DJ.

Phil Nevlud, MAREK, found a cash bar with a better view.

Bud Walters, Pieper Houston Electric, LP, made sure no one had to eat rubber chicken.

Andy Adams, Adams Insurance Service, Inc., avoided awkward table conversation.

Art Canales, Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, avoided having to do the Wobble or Cupid Shuffle. 

Jan Maly, J.M. Maly, Inc, didn’t have to suffer through a night of small talk with a table of strangers.

Barbara Roberts, Big City Access, escaped a tense silent auction bidding war for stuff she didn’t even want.

Randy Schleisman, Concrete Cleaning, Inc., gave no business to Al’s Formal Wear.

Bill Sudela, Crady Jewett McCulley & Houren, LLP, planned a weekend getaway instead of filling a table.

Jennifer Whiting, Fast Track Specialties, did not have to buy a new dress.


Cynthia Birdwell, Andrews Myers, did not have to lie to her boss about why she couldn’t attend the event.

John Glaze, Fast Track Specialties, stayed home for a Netflix binge.

Ron LaRicci, Camarata Masonry Systems, did not have to buy a tuxedo.

Tyler Althouse, Texas Moisture Protection, DID NOT have to sit in trafic on a Friday night.

Lee Aitken, Holes Incorporated, avoided awkward selfie angles.

Lyle Coston, Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, WAS NOT the talk of the party for all the wrong reasons.

Craig Peterson, Peterson Beckner Industries, avoided hangover and Monday walk of shame.

Jamie Snook, Fast Track Specialties, Ubered somewhere he actually wanted to go.